24 Rocket-Power Productivity Strategies

So your personal business life

is ready for take-off

This booklet is based on the free-of-charge 10-day e-mail course „Productivity and Self-Management“ in German) and enables a recurring examination of one’s own behaviour in a temporal comparison as well as a comparison of one’s own self-image and the image of others.

What You Will Learn in This Booklet

You and your employees want to improve your productivity and self-management? Then maybe you are looking for a motivation and reminder tool?

The 24 rocket-power productivity strategy booklet provides motivation and reminder tips.

24 short postings and 24 short explanations show how easy it is to get rid of all too rigid thought patterns. Step by step you can discover how fascinating productivity is.

This booklet is based on the 10-day email course Self-management and Productivity email course.

With this booklet you can playfully measure how productive you are and how well you lead yourself. Maybe by choosing a motto of the week or testing yourself every 2 weeks or once a month.

Or you or your employees can guess what strategy the respective short posting contains (only the best ones dare to do so).

For beginners and advanced. Ideal for school, study and work.

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Über die Autorin

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Annette Kunow

My name is Annette Kunow and I support people in leading and structuring themselves better since more than 30 years. I also accompany companies that want to bring more efficiency into their project management.

Last but not least, I am also available as a science angel for start-ups in the field of engineering. It is my passion to consistently advance things.

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