At One Glance
24 Rocket Power Productivity Strategies

So your personal business life is ready for take-off

24 Rocket Power Productivity Strategies
  • „At one glance-24 rocket power productivity strategies“ for quick lookup and learning are always ready to handle. So you always find quickly what you are looking for.
  • The 24 most important strategies are briefly and concisely explained to remind you of them again and again.
  • This overview is based on 10-Tage-E-Mail-Kurs „Selbstführung und Produktivität“.
  • This overview compares the individual strategies with each other. They are clear, concise and refreshingly limited to the essentials.
  • The overview is laminated and thus highly resistant. It is available in A4 or din A3 size, for example as a desk pad.
  • For beginners and advanced. Ideal for school, study and work.

DIN A3 Version English

 145,00 (incl. MwSt. + shipping in Germany) in  a pack of 10

Delivery time 5-7 working days

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