Project Management & Business Coaching

Agile Project Management – Target-Oriented and Efficient with Active Body Language & Comprehensive Communication

Due to the very lean hierarchies in today's companies, the targeted control of even smaller projects and skilful human leadership is necessary. This is why sound knowledge of project management is crucial for project success.

The interaction of these factors and the demands on the project manager are the subject of this book.

In order to make a project successful, the project must not only be successfully led to the goal, but the risks must be analyzed and – very important – the „right“ project must be selected from the outset.

For this purpose, project managers need marketing knowledge, which is explained using an example. Skills such as efficient and goal-oriented time management and the prioritization of tasks are important prerequisites in addition to comprehensive, active communication in the team and in the company. This is the only way to develop successful high-performance teams from project teams.

A further important factor is the leadership of the project team members without hierarchical authority. To this end, the project manager must have a good knowledge of human nature and leadership qualities and be able to use these specifically to solve possible conflicts.

To this end, I have extended the methods of business coaching, creativity methods and communication to include the interaction of these topics is supplemented in detail and with the methods of Systemic Coaching and Systemic Constellation.

The creativity methods also require an extra chapter. Using current practical examples, the project manager is given concrete instructions on how to successfully manage his project.

Practical examples convey and deepen what has been learned. Of course there is a discrepancy between theory and practice. It is clear that not all processes can be precisely implemented in practice, not least because project managers are often externally determined. Nevertheless, it is extremely important that every project manager is aware of these interrelationships in order to successfully manage projects.

Checklists and blank forms are used to provide suggestions for creating appropriate documents for one's own project.

In this revision, I have limited myself to the principles of an information system (project management program), because there is now a wide range of software, including freeware, on the market that work similarly.

The present book „Project Management & Business Coaching“ is the result of practical work in industry, lectures at Bochum University and seminars in industry.

The target group are practitioners in industry and students of all disciplines who want to work as project managers in all areas.


  • Paperback: 307 pages
  • Publisher: KISP Bücher (28. Mai 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 3966950065
  • ISBN-13: 978-3966950060
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